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Welcome to the Pain Experts

1 out of 5 Americans are currently suffering from chronic pain. We believe that at Advanced Pain Institute, we can change those numbers. Our team of compassionate professionals and supporting staff can alleviate pain, providing thorough, caring consultation, education and ongoing care.

Our main goal is to bring relief to those who feel their condition is debilitating and lowering their quality of life. We are committed and well-prepared to provide and continue to give prime care for all our patients.

Dedicated to Treating Pain From Head to Toe

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Headaches and facial pain are within the most common and difficult disorders to live with. This lowers your quality of life and overall well-being.

Our team is equipped to diagnose and treat primary  secondary headache disorders, trigeminal neuralgia, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, and other facial pain syndromes.

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Shoulder pain can happen for various reasons like tendon inflammation, arthritis, a fractured bone or a tear. It affects mobility in your arm, causing uncomfortable aches.

As pain experts, we can find out where the pain is coming from and how to bring you relief.


Foot pain is much more common than you think. It can derive from a ligament, muscle nerve or tissue problem.

If the pain is not permitting you to live your normal life comfortably, please call us. We can help.


Neck pain is far more common than you imagine. It is in the top 5  leading causes of disability in the US. Research has demonstrated that neck pain impacts your physical, social and mental well-being.

Neck-pain can occur for different reasons like ergonomics, physical activity, recurrent movements and more. Our experts are not only qualified, but ready to accompany you through this process in all levels.

Lower Back

Lower Back pain is a very common cause to visit the doctor. This begins in the lumbar area and can feel intense and agonizing. This radiating pain can be caused by injury, heavy lifting, infections or more.

To understand where your pain is coming from, our specialists are prepared to show you what you have and how to ease your pain


Hip Pain is a regular complaint at the doctor's check-up that can be caused by a wide variety of problems. Hip pain can be sometimes can be a result of diseases or other conditions like lower back pain.  Arthritis, Injuries or pinched nerves can also lead to pain in the hip area.

To find out where the pain is coming from and how to treat it, our team of experts are ready to diagnose and treat the pain as quickly and effectively as possible.


Knee pain is a common complaint for persons of any age. Pain in your knee can be a result of a ruptured ligament, injuries like fractures, knee bursitis, a torn meniscus or other medical conditions.

Many types of knee-pain can be taken care of at home with care, some need the intervention of experts to bring relief and if necessary surgery. Our experts can guide you to know where the pain is coming from and how to treat it as effectively and comfortably as possible.

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Conveniently Located

Our offices are conveniently located in Covington, Hammond, and the Slidell area. We make it a breeze to get direct access to us, wherever you may be.

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API — Covington

187 Greenbriar Blvd, STE A
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42131 Veterans Ave, Suite 100
Hammond, LA 70403

8:00am - 5:00pm

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API – Slidell

2965 Gauze Blvd E, STE A
Slidell, LA 70461

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API – Metairie

3901 Houma Blvd, Suite 113
Metairie, LA 70006

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We are the Pain Experts

Skill, professionalism and empathy are what define us. We are experts in pain, it affects the mind, body and soul. With us you can trust that your overall well-being is our goal. You will feel pain relief and  overall life improvement.

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